What Is the Dark Web and How Can You Stay Off It?

Most people have heard about the dark web in one form or another. It’s a place where criminal activity happens — How from the purchase of illegal drugs to the hiring of assassins. Of course, there is a legal side to the dark web as well; though, most people don’t know about. In fact, the […]

Top 5 Competitive Intelligence Tools For Retailers

Are you searching for an easy way to monitor your competitors and make sure your Retailers business continues to make profits in your industry or marketplace? Then your search ends as here we have listed top 5 influential competitive intelligence software tools that can assist you track and monitor your competitors’ performance online. Best Competitive Intelligence Tools […]

Facing the challenge of distributed testing teams

As testing governments around the world attempt to curb its spread, COVID-19 has, in a very short time, radically transformed the way we work, with most people now working from home. And no matter what you do for a living, making such a sharp and unexpected pivot brings a series of complications. Software testers in […]

Are Your Employees Compromising Your Cyber-Security?

It does not matter what your view on the modern technologies in business is; employees if you are a business owner or in a management position of some kind, you will come into contact with the online world and your company will have at least some sort of a web-presence—perhaps only to the extent of […]

Why and How to Back Up Plan Your Digital Assets

Digital When launching a startup, preparing for data loss is probably the last thing on your mind. Although most organizations consider data to be their most valuable asset, a lot of them are complacent when it comes to cybersecurity and data-loss prevention (DLP). In fact, here are some scary statistics on how small businesses handle data: 57% of small […]

5 Essential Ways to Secure Your Office Building

Your office building needs to be a safe environment. Not only to protect the operations of the business, but to protect those who work inside the building. So how do you keep your building secured with today’s continued risks for security? Let’s find out. Electronic Door Locks One of the best ways to secure a […]

Digital Transformation in Retail: Transform or Perish

With advancements in technologies, availability of real-time data and analytics, the retail industry will be transformed to meet consumer preferences as they evolve. Unlike the old days, the consumer has access to the product or service information and different purchase options. Online purchases have elevated the customer experience with more personalization. According to IDC Research, […]

How to Develop an Effective Cloud Strategy

A poor cloud strategy includes everything from no planning at all to performing migrations to the cloud that are not organized or not carefully planned. This is why people even hire cloud strategy advisors to help them to form an adequate cloud plan. This can lead to the wrong cloud vendor being chosen, business continuity impacts, […]


In the field of artificial intelligence, big data and analytics a new term-Deep learning-has steadily crawled its way in the business language. It has been making its impact felt in the areas like natural language processing, computer vision, audio recognition and bioinformatics among many others.But what exactly is deep learning? It is a machine learning […]