COVID-19 Has Pushed CIOs to Redefine IT Priorities

CIOs roles and priorities have changed drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing them to consider its long-term impact on their IT organizations and on business as a whole.CIO COVID-19 Impact Study by IDG in mid-April said budgets would either hold steady or increase by next year. CIOs globally expected to have a renewed emphasis […]

How to protect your organisation from cyber espionage

Historically, espionage activity has been carried out to gain political and military intelligence. But, in today’s technology-driven world, the private sector is finding itself increasingly in the crossfire, either as direct targets or as collateral damage. So, how can organisations prepare for the new status quo and the very real possibility they may become a […]

Top Tips for Preparing for Any Cloud Solutions Migration

Migration The World Health Organisation has described the world as being in ‘uncharted territory’ due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many working environments have changed significantly in recent weeks, but businesses remain resilient and are working hard to operate on a ‘business as usual’ basis. In professional services, moving from on-premise to cloud solutions continues to […]

Will These Technologies Rule The World In 2019?

World As we already stepped into a new year, it’s time to amplify your competencies that eventually amplifies customer experience and services. To achieve this you should probably concentrate on IT enhancement and operations as foremost priority. Based on an old saying “Experience is the right teacher” every IT services company should keep inventing fresh […]

How to Test the Back­up of Your Mac Before Restoring

Test If you have a Mac, you need to do a backup. However, backing up isn’t enough to protect your data. You also need to test your backups to make sure they’re working and protecting the right stuff. Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy and takes just a few minutes. WHAT COULD GO WRONG? In an […]

How to Encryption Files to Protect Personal and Business Data?

Encryption can be defined as “the translation of data into a secret code”. It is the best way to achieve data security. To access or read data from an encrypted file, you must have the secret key or, in simple words, a password that will help you in file decryption. For the security algorithms, unencrypted data is […]

6 Ways to be Indispensible in Your Marketing Position

We all know that robots and machinery have been filling the positions of workers since the Industrial Revolution. As technology has continued to advance, workplace automation has swept through almost every industry — from manufacturing and transportation to human resources and marketing. With the recent development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, “workplace automation” has transformed into smart […]

Things to Know About Intelligent Information System

The recent years of manufacturing research and development have been governed by the trends of Artificial Intelligence, database management, and information systems (IS). Intelligent Information System (IIS) represents the evolution of knowledge. It has been led by modern technology integrations, data processing, and distribution in multiple computational environments. Machines are programmed perfectly for a fixed […]

The top types of Cybersecurity Attacks of 2019, Till Date

Attacks According to the U.K. government’s Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2019, over 32% of businesses have identified breaches in the last 12 months.[1] But it is crucial to know how the attacks manifest, the most prominent cyberattacks to the businesses today? The Top Cyberattacks, So Far 1. Phishing Phishing is one of the forms of social […]

Best Innovative Strategic Planning at Hyper-Speed

Planning Do you know anyone, or any organization, that at the end of the year looked back at their annual plan and honestly said everything went according to plan? Did you ever have a year where nothing changed? No new competitors, no changes in market conditions, or budget cuts? Of course not. Plans that don’t […]