Best App Ideas For Startups to Watch Out For in 2021

Have you ever paused to think about how many of those everyday tasks do you accomplish through mobile app ideas? Right from ordering groceries, food, and medicines to paying your bills to keep a tab on your health to attending online classes and meetings to entertaining yourself through music, movies, and videos. The list goes on and on. In fact, it won’t be exaggerating to say that mobile apps have made our lives simpler.


And there seems no stoppage to this. The number of mobile users is estimated to rise to a whopping 7.1 billion in 2021, as per a Statista study. What’s even more interesting is the fact that mobile users spend approximately 90% of their mobile time on mobile applications, according to an eMarketer 2020 research.

With these statistics, it makes complete sense to invest in a good app idea now and enter a booming market to reap the benefits.

But all of that is easy only on paper. February 2021 saw the release of around more than 88 thousand Android apps on the Google Play Store alone. And that number is considered the lowest between the period of March-2019 to Feb-2021.

App idea #1. Peer-to-Peer Car-Sharing Marketplace App

Ever experienced the drawbacks of conventional car rental companies like lack of confirmation on the specific vehicle you’d get, limited pick-up and drop locations, or confusing add-ons and pricing? Then, you already share the pain of thousands of people globally. And that is why the idea of a peer-to-peer car-sharing app looks so promising.

Through this app, people can rent their cars to tourists or anyone who need them. It’s like Airbnb for cars. The car owners can make extra money this way, the travelers can choose the car of their choice and enjoy their road trips fuss-freely. And you can watch your business boom. It’s a win-win for all. Turo and Airbnb for Cars are popular apps built on this model.

App idea #2. Smart Parking Space Lookup App

If you own a vehicle or have a relative/friend who owns a vehicle, you are familiar with the constant complaints about the difficulties of finding an empty parking area. And the growing number of vehicles is adding to the problem and a headache for drivers.

In such a case, it is only wise to invest in an app idea that helps people find an empty parking space. At a particular location that they are going or about to reach. It would save the drivers from circling around roads to spot a vacant parking area, saving their precious time.

App idea #3. Bike/Car Servicing App

While owning a vehicle, whether a car or a bike, gives you convenience and joy, its repair often tends to create a lot of hassles. That’s where amid the top mobile app ideas, bike/car servicing app can be a hit among vehicle owners. From sudden vehicle breakdowns on the road to scheduled servicing by expert mechanics with home pick-up and drops, your app can offer a host of prompt vehicle repair and maintenance services. It would benefit both the customers and businesses, saving time and costs.

App idea #4. On-Demand App

If you are on the lookout for viable app ideas to make money, on-demand applications make for an ideal option. Take the widely popular on-demand cab service Uber for example.

People are continuously on the move in this fast-paced world and need services available at their fingertips. That provides startups to experiment yet solve the customers’ pain points. From on-demand home-cooked food delivery to flowers and gift delivery to booking a handyman or a car washing or lawn mowing service, there is a wide array of options to choose from.

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App idea #5. AI-Enabled Picture Translation App

We often find it tough to comprehend the foreign language texts imprinted in the images, objects, or even signboards while abroad. People who are frequent travelers or work closely with people of diverse nationalities come across this situation often. That indicates the need to launch an app that can translate text from pictures, files, or any other such objects into the users’ preferred language. Leveraging technologies like AI and ML would make the app more seamless, helpful, and accurate.

App idea #6. Voice Translation App

Imagine you’ve landed on foreign land. You may need information on certain places, directions to reach there and even their local food. But you don’t know their native language. So how would you talk to people? How would you move about easily? That’s where an app with voice translation capability can help. It should be made to work both ways. Meaning it should allow the user to talk on the phone and translate it to the place’s local language. At the same time, it should translate other languages in real-time into your spoken language, making interactions a breeze.

App idea #7. Language Learning App

One of the most promising new app ideas, a language learning app, can become that friendly language teacher learners have always wanted. More so in the times of the pandemic where online learning has kept education alive.

You could create this app with lessons to teach different languages or focus on just one language with in-depth information. To make it even easier, divide it into various levels, increasing the standard of difficulty with each level. Also, include voice pronunciation to help learners’ pronounce words correctly.

App idea #8. Find Tutor App

Looking for good, qualified tutors for kids often turns into a tiring task for parents. They have to consider so many aspects before hiring a tutor, such as location, specialization, and fees, to name a few. In such circumstances, an app that is dedicated to finding tutors can be of great help. You can sign up local tutors and categorize them based on their experience, geographical area, specialization, group/personal classes, availability, and so on. It would make the whole process so simple for parents & students while letting tutors reach out to more students.

App idea #9. Audio-Based Social Media App Like Clubhouse

You already know the popularity of social media apps like FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. To take people’s need to feel connected a notch higher, you can invest in a social media app that is voice-only, like Clubhouse. Though Clubhouse, at present, is an invite-only iOS app, it has gained tremendous popularity in a short while. The reason? Its unique idea that lets people across the world get together and talk. Since conversations are something that helps people connect instantly, this app idea is definitely worth trying.

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App idea #10. Dog Walking App

The hassles of today’s hectic life leave hardly any time for many to take their dogs out for the day’s stroll. What if there was a marketplace that connected dog parents with dog walkers? This not only sounds like an exciting app idea but lends scope for a successful business. There are many pet parents and dog lovers out there keen on spending time with the furry species. Thus, your app would act as a bridge for them, simplifying the search, booking, and payment part of such an on-demand service.

App idea #11. Flexible/Remote Work Hunting App

With changing times and advanced technologies, there is a substantial increase in the number of remote/gig workers. Even organizations have become open to hiring remote workforce, cutting down their costs. But unlike traditional job hunting sites, there are hardly any platforms offering flexible/contractual job listings. To fill in that gap, you can build a platform that makes it easier for the remote/flexible workforce to find good, well-paying opportunities posted by employers.

App idea #12. Interior Designing App with Augmented Reality

When it comes to designing interiors of an entire home or even a single room, many people get confused about what would work best. To take that tension off them, you can create an interior designing mobile application leveraging the augmented reality technology.

Such an app can allow users to take pictures of their house/room. And then, place the 3D models of the home decor items of their choice, such as furniture, wallpapers, or colors, in that image. Doing so allows them to determine whether their visualization looks as good in real-time. If not, they can look up a new design. The app can be a boon for interior designers as well as homeowners.


The world of mobile apps is fascinating and profitable as new technologies keep surfacing at regular intervals. To make the most of it, you only need to back up your venture with a solid idea. Whether it is an Android app idea or an iOS app idea, that doesn’t matter. Because eventually, you would want your app to be popular among users across platforms.

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