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why Wifi Range Extenders won’t connect to Wifi Router!

Wi-fi extenders acts as an intermediate or bridge between a Wi-Fi router and a Wi-Fi device that is outside the range of a Wi-Fi router’s signal. Wi-Fi extender connects to an existing Wi-Fi network, and it acts as a wireless access point for Wi-Fi devices. Come closer to the router: Most people assist Wi-Fi routers that […]

How the Right Technology Facilitates Working from Home

Working from home might seem like a luxury, but in fact, it has serious benefits for both employees and employers. Plus, working from home is simple these days with cloud solutions that foster communication across cities, states, and the entire country. TTI’s cloud software mobile app gives you this kind of ease in communication. No longer do you have […]

Protect IoT Devices and Supply Chains from Emerging Threats

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has a proven track record in securing devices and their Internet of Things (IoT) networks. The success of PKI lies in the certificate-authenticated encryption model of PKI itself. Authentication backed by a digital (or PKI) certificate, quite simply, works. The most common digital certificate in an IoT PKI is the X.509, which for […]

Top Five Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Management

As times progress, the idea of storing all your enterprise’s valuable assets in the public cloud is archaic. Solely utilizing either private or public cloud is limiting to a companies business process. The implementation of a hybrid cloud infrastructure has benefits that prove itself better than a single cloud system. Hybrid clouds can offer flexibility, […]

5 Top Trends Influencing the Cloud Computing Market

Organizations, regardless of their sizes, have recognized the importance of cloud computing and are actively moving forward to its adoption in the current lockdown world. While many businesses are running critical workloads in one or multiple public clouds, the rest are either stuck thinking about complete migration to the public cloud or struggling to adopt […]

Who Is A Next Gen AWS Managed Services Partner?

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular on-demand cloud computing platforms. Owing to their popularity, AWS grew at an exponential rate and now have an active user base of more than 1,000,000. In addition to their own setup, Amazon has launched its AWS Managed Services Partners program. The program is targeted at ensuring […]

The 10 Things to Do Before Calling Tech Support

Your business depends on technology to succeed, but what happens when your critical business applications are not working properly? Minimize the frustration, business interruption and expense by trying a few of these troubleshooting tips before you call tech support. If you are on a pay-per-call support plan, you may be able to solve the problem […]

Internet Of Things (IoT): Risks And Opportunities

Recent advances in software development and its integration with electronic equipment have significantly impacted the progress of the Internet of Things (IoT). These advances have managed to transcend our computer or mobile devices, to be installed in other objects of daily life. Currently, some electronic equipment are able to interconnect with each other (a TV […]

3 Steps to Proactive Manufacturing Cyber Security

Global insurance giant Chubb recently published a cyber risk report listing manufacturing as one of the top two industries targeted by ransomware attacks. With a large attack surface and a high incentive to quickly restore operations, factories make a particularly attractive target. Consequently, the spotlight has turned to increasing manufacturing cyber security. In fact, just last […]

Demystifying IoT: The Internet of Things and Field Service

It’s no secret that the key to field service success is to deliver excellent service. Today’s tech-savvy and connected customers value time and demand immediacy and convenience from their field service providers. The quicker and more efficiently a field service organization solves their problem, the better. To keep pace with customer expectations and remain competitive, […]