Internet Of Things (IoT): Risks And Opportunities

Recent advances in software development and its integration with electronic equipment have significantly impacted the progress of the Internet of Things (IoT). These advances have managed to transcend our computer or mobile devices, to be installed in other objects of daily life. Currently, some electronic equipment are able to interconnect with each other (a TV with a smartphone).
This link is possible from nearby spaces or distant places to the point that we will wear these devices ourselves. The above will pave the way towards amazing interconnectivity.
Connected Even With Our Body And Mind
As mentioned, it is possible to incorporate these devices somewhere in us (wearables) today as well as the object that needs it (animal, electronic equipment, bridge, plantation, seas, space, access door, a dark street). These devices will be offering continuous interaction with the user and other devices. In this way, it is simpler to program a series of specific functions for these “things.” Schedules include sending control messages, alerts, suggestions, or even executing automated actions.
Millions Of Connected Devices, But Little Control

The IoT describes a world in which objects are connected to each other, to private networks and global public networks. The data generated by these devices is captured, processed, and analyzed in order to act immediately with or without human interaction.
IoT has the potential to encompass and implement action systems of a huge range of connected devices. Estimates for the next few years suggest tens of billions of devices worldwide. The huge amount of events generated by IoT needs to be processed, reduced, and analyzed, although most of the organizations that produce this data lack the necessary analysis capacity.
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Huge Risks, Even Greater Opportunities
One of the challenges is how to achieve this interconnectivity in a safe and efficient way. If we want to achieve greater precision, customization, and reaction speed, we must evolve with respect to the administration of large volumes of data. We will thus enable significant improvements in autonomous decision making by these teams and their artificial agents.
However, security is one of the biggest obstacles. This trend (IoT) will not develop its full potential until people feel comfortable with the technology
Confidence will be difficult to achieve if cases continue to appear where, for example, car software has been attacked, causing brake system failures. Or when some toys of millions of children send private data to the cloud. Girls who play with the Hello Barbie model do not know that by doing so, they will be interacting with marketing agencies that listen to, record, and analyze them.
Current Applications Of The Internet Of Things
The implantation of sensors on the ground allows water, temperature, acidity, potential contamination, etc. to be controlled.
Individuals are converting from energy consumers to producers. The installation of solar panels continues to grow, both in homes, cars, or factories. Even cities whose main objective is to plant kilometers of solar panels have been developed by app developers. The same happens with the wind farms that are observed in the fields of some countries.
It can be observed in the different wars that are unfortunately being carried out, how drones and robots are used to collaborate with military or security actions. These drones are monitored from military operations centers without risking the lives of their own soldiers.
Cars will be interconnected, exchanging information online with other vehicles. But also with control centers such as government services or road administrators, with the police, with navigators or maps. All this combined will substantially improve traffic flow and reduce accidents.
By incorporating sensors around industrial machinery, maintenance, and service life are improved, as well as their productivity. When one of the machines is damaged, it will send an alert to the repair and maintenance department. It notifies the equipment supplier of the fault, and all these are carried out online and without human interaction.
Multiple sensors installed in merchandise containers will help monitor the status of stored goods. Achieving reduced damage, carry out controls without affecting the products, or scan the interior for safety. It will be possible to monitor the entire global logistics chain better and fight traffic with better equipment.
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Smart Buildings: IoT + AI
Internet of Things facilitates the development of intelligent real estate when combined with artificial intelligence (AI). From TV, security cameras, entrance door alarms, windows to the heating, the refrigerator, the air conditioning, or the irrigation system. These devices interact with each other and with our preferences to make our home safer and more comfortable. We can even control them from our smartphone or by voice commands.
In supermarkets and retail businesses, IoT will be part of our shopping experience. The interaction with the sensors on the shelves where the products are located is already possible on the premises of Amazon Go. Its sensors sneak into the entrance doors to recognize the customer and their preferences.
Gadgets That We Will Use
Cameras and voice recognition devices will be the way to search for data in the near future. An Internet search will be faster and as natural as looking around, combining real and digital worlds. Google Lens allows the user to point their phone at an object and get instant data. The object can be a flower that we do not know its name, a car, or a store in the street that interests us.
Gadgets that help us connect with the environment also include the auditory sense. Google Pixel Buds smart headphones translate more than 40 languages ??in real-time. They will allow a person to listen to speak in Russian while the device simultaneously translates into Spanish. Traveling and interacting with strangers from other countries will be, thanks to this type of product, much easier.
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