Mail Server Security: Potential Vulnerabilities and Protection Methods

This article covers the topic of security for email servers. Security measures covered here will allow you to greatly increase the level of protection for your email server and prevent any attacks from succeeding. 1. Introduction 1.1 Challenges of server software security With the constant development of information technology, the role of cybersecurity is getting […]

Best 5 Ways Cyber Hackers Can Steal Your Identity

Steal Fraudsters are looking for new ways to hack into computers to steal your personal information and—in the worst cases—your identity. This can range from intercepting a company’s chat system to trying to swipe someone’s frequent flyer miles. If you stay informed and learn about some of the latest methods, you’re taking a step to […]

How Facilities Management is Evolving with New Technology

Facilities management is a rapidly changing field thanks to technological developments over the past couple decades. The evolution has surpassed they physical aspects of the job such as janitorial and HVAC systems, to transform space requirements, building infrastructure and even dictate where a company should be located. These changes have resulted in a vastly different job description […]

Mbps vs. Gbps: What internet speeds do you really need?

Gbps When shopping for internet service, speed is at the forefront of any buyer’s priority list. And it’s easy to see why — even the most reliable connection from a reputable provider could suffer if the speed provided isn’t compatible with the number of users and devices in a household. Many providers advertise their “gig-speed” […]

IoT Software Development: 3 In-Depth Case Studies

Internet of Things (IoT) technology might not astonish anyone like Virtual or Augmented Reality does at first glance, but its potential is more far-reaching for both consumers and businesses. Coupled with cloud and other technologies, IoT connects devices big and small to transform products, operations, and entire businesses. How does it happen? We selected IoT software […]

What is DSL Internet? How Does DSL Work and How Fast

Work The internet travels by a lot of different ways: there’s coaxial (TV) cable internet, fancy fiber-optic cable internet, satellite internet, and DSL internet. DSL is typically one of the cheapest, most available options of these. If you think about it, that makes sense: DSL is the OG of high-speed internet. DSL has a lot going […]

The Importance of Online Communication in Today’s World

World As the internet becomes more and more dispensable with a vast section of society, the significance and importance of online communication is also becoming quite evident. What exactly is online communication and why it is becoming very vital for the world as a whole and what does the future behold for online communication? Put in […]

Tips for Successful Internet of Things App Development

Now IoT has become a most hyped and most familiar expression, which has an immense impact across developed business and technology. It transformed many enterprises into a digitalized business model with improved efficiency, productivity and robust customer engagement. Basically, IoT is an idea of embedding dedicated physical object to the internet to communicate and interact […]

Boost Productivity with this Tech Stack for Distributed Teams

Boost The age of distributed work is upon us. Running a productive workforce no longer means keeping everyone together in the same physical place. Freelancers, contractors and remote workers are all joining forces with the help of dynamic collaborative tools. Delivered via the cloud, these solutions make it easier for remote teams to share ideas, […]

How Is It Different From UCaaS and CCaaS and ? Business

UCaaS Many acronyms tend to float around when CPaaS, or any -aaS ending for that matter, is in the picture. We’ve already discussed IaaS, SaaS and PaaS, with CPaaS being a subcategory. However, to understand CPaaS, you also need to know how it differs from other services like it. Unified Communications (UC) is the parent category […]