3 Steps to Proactive Manufacturing Cyber Security

Global insurance giant Chubb recently published a cyber risk report listing manufacturing as one of the top two industries targeted by ransomware attacks. With a large attack surface and a high incentive to quickly restore operations, factories make a particularly attractive target. Consequently, the spotlight has turned to increasing manufacturing cyber security. In fact, just last […]

7 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Technology has been developing at a much faster rate than ever before. What is new today may become old news tomorrow. The digital age has ushered many advancements in information technology, medicine, education, and even how people communicate. The 21st century has brought in the birth of smartphones, smart laptops, and other “smart” devices. Artificial […]

Benefits of Digitalizing Transform the Construction Industry

Digitalizing is the vehicle for change in today’s time. While almost every industry today is moving towards digitalization for better growth prospects, construction is one sector that is majorly lagging behind. The construction industry is considered the least digitalized sector, although it is estimated that within the next three to ten years, it will witness […]