Tips for Successful Internet of Things App Development

Now IoT has become a most hyped and most familiar expression, which has an immense impact across developed business and technology. It transformed many enterprises into a digitalized business model with improved efficiency, productivity and robust customer engagement. Basically,


IoT is an idea of embedding dedicated physical object to the internet to communicate and interact or sense with their internal and external environment which produce data or information, used to develop new or improved the way of living. In a survey, It was extracted that 68 percent of experienced business leaders showed that their enterprises are already allocating budgets for IoT apps.

What makes IoT different?

The IoT has developed a new space for the substantive development of the communication industry on a notable scale. It describes a condition where automatic communication without any inter-human or human to machine interaction extremely changed our lives to manifolds. It extends numerous possibilities to enhance the essential qualities of life and has become an important part of every day that goes by. There are some prime factors which magnify its significance and portray it different from others.

1. Safe and Productive work: IoT has transformed the overall workforce by creating new jobs, skills, and tasks for personnel to masters. It also extends the safety through correlating sensor and environmental data, so that new insights are identified to mitigate uncertain risks. Cognitive outsourcing enables computers to be liable for repetitive or menial tasks which makes personnel to invest more time on searching operational insights. It eradicates unproductive time and bridges the extended generational divide by transferring the experience and knowledge into engaging work for active millennials.

2. Process and resource optimization: It enables real-time monitoring to enhance quality efficiency by making the appropriate and standardized machine or process adjustments. The segregated data between product lifecycle management (PLM), supplier relationship management(SRM), manufacturing execution (MES)and enterprise resource planning(ERP) is united by IoT and improves production scheduling and load forecasting. It also promisingly minimizes maintenance cost, increases equipment, operational excellence, enhances employee engagement, and lowers the production cost.

3. Behavior Monitoring: Today, due to IoT enabled behavioral tracking, enterprise improved productivity and efficiency of an employee with real-time data on absences, injuries, near misses, and illnesses which will make the safety and identification of health more effective and time-bound. This data makes supervisors accountable and capable to identify warning signs of stressed operators, root cause analyses, and manage their workload with appropriate solutions.

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Tips for Successful IoT development

As the number of smart devices swells beyond 30 billion by 2020, the probability of improved mobile app development by linking them through IoT is augmented. It benefits enterprises with increased productivity by 20 percent, decreased supply chain cost by more than 20 percent and mitigate design to market times by 20 to 50 percent, so it will be significant to recognize its empowered system for IoT App development. Here are 5 foremost tips for successful IoT development:

  • Understanding the Object: Generally, people dive into mobile app development without planning and end up with lots of complications, like wasted time and resources with exploded momentum. An enterprise must have clear goals with a set of operational tasks, measurable financial inputs, and chosen technological components. It is to be considered that the core and foremost step before executing the development process of an app are to define predetermined motive.

Managing Data Security: Due to rolling out new smart devices more quickly, the data security cant is ignored at the cost of convenience and cost-saving benefits. As IoT has become an inextricable segment of people’s routine, it addresses the sheer accountability to provide a robust IoT ecosystem for secured operations for IoT app developer. Gartner revealed that the total expenditure over IoT security increased up to $1.5 billion in 2018, which showed the cause of concern for IoT app development companies.

  • Hardware Security: Evidentally, the IoT application development process may lead to an inefficient, less supportive and inferior quality software product due to cluttered hardware secure regime. It must use a dedicated integrated circuit to prevent security attack by cybercriminals. Integrated Circut includes circuit blocks like math accelerator, tamper detection physically unclonable functions and random number generator, shutdowns operation in case of cyber attacks as a precautionary measure.

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  • Selection of IoT framework and Ecosystem: It is important that ensuring IoT platforms that offer in build modules, ready templates, and framework coupled with hardware mechanism so that integration and translation of data can be easily integrated to save time and money. It is essential to select a platform that provides reliable network management module and application development elements. On the other hand, An IoT solution needs a wide array of technologies including platforms, devices, applications, and connectivity.
  • Pick Best Communication Channel: It is imperative to understand the compatibility of selected device options for the selection of the best communication channel. The probability of better functioning relies on the options which includes LAN, Bluetooth, Wifi, WAN, cellular or other options of satellite communication that facilitates uninterrupted communication such as: When it comes to picking the best communication medium, we need to have an understanding of the options that are supported by the device we selected.

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IoT development is the futuristic solution for devices which are easy to maintain, control and operate. The IT companies working over the advancement of additional technologies also give a hoot about IoT for making the systems manageable through the handheld mobile devices. Matellio offers you the chance to hire the best resource of the industry and IoT app developers on an hourly basis or as per the project requirement.

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